Does Kissing make a Girl Pregnant

Does Kissing make a Girl Pregnant imageKissing a girl makes pregnancy maybe, Its possible if kissing goes further. So what needed to get pregnant. When kissing makes a girl pregnant. When teenage girl gets pregnancy danger.

Simple answer is NO  ! Kissing is not a dangerous activity.

Sometimes, kissing a person can cause some diseases, such as cold, cold sores or strep throat. However, it doesn’t happen often. In this point, as we said, kissing can not cause pregnancy. Being pregnant takes more of than this. Kissing is one of the most important way of physical contact with your partner. It may give the greatest pleasure to couples. Of course, it is also related to desire or sexuality. However, those feelings can not enought to get a girl pregnant. But,its possible if you go further.

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While kissing someone, the feelings and desire can lead having sex with your partner and pregnancy only can ocur after a sexual intercourse. Otherwise, we can’t talk about the situation of pregnancy.

First of all, you have to know that, to get a girl pregnant, there should be sperms and egg. Semen is in boy`s body and egg in girl`s are positioned in your belly). So, since there is no direct connection between girls  mouth and her belly, your girlfriend can’t get pregnant just because you kiss on her lips passionately. If tongue goes deeper and deeper then you can just reach to throat, not to belly.

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A woman gets pregnant if man`s sperm cell that is found in his semen reaches womans egg in appropriate time. It means that woman can’t get pregnant every single day of the year. There are some specific times during a girls monthly cycle when eggs are ready for pregnancy. In these specific times, if the sperms get into the womans belly, it can fertilize the eggs. So,in the end of this process, she becomes pregnant.  In this point, we have to remind that, if you don’t have sex with your partner but you ejaculate because of the sexual excitement and if any of your sperm cell can reach girlfriend`s belly, it may cause pregnancy. It is very small chance but it is better to be careful.

Generally, men don’t think clearly when they become aroused, never thinks  about  pregnancy or future of any sexual relationshhip. He just thinks about pleasure of the moment. That`s because of hormonal weakness of male brain. in this point , you should remember that it may cause really big problems for any girl goes far from barriers. Besides, you should know that unprotected sex can cause several dangerous illness. So, you should better take these issues seriously and you must talk with your partner before. This means you can kiss your boyfriend, you can hug and touch, but never get naked.

kissing in public

Seriously ! Kissing with naked body is just like holding fire and dynamite together. We all know that girls never wants to get naked while kissing gently. But boys who are in teen ages wants to kiss everywhere. not just lips, he goes to dangerous places on every kiss, further and further. Only Girl can keep the limits and stops the boy. So, you better get kissed in public places like park or cafe and places where you can`t get naked mistakenly.

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Does Kissing make a Girl Pregnant Comments

avatar 17I already know that, what is your age ? 3 or 4
avatar 10Yay, I want to kiss him on the lips ^^
avatar 28Thanks for this, I can kiss him now. Promise I will be safe
avatar 35I like kisses well .. it's sweet.
avatar 22Everybody knows how babies made from, kissing never makes you pregnant, BUT beware where do you kiss :D :DD
avatar 40Does eating boys food makes you pregnant ?
avatar 17s i will safe. i give a french kiss for him
avatar 24"NEVER GET NAKED TOGETHER". this is the big rule of preventing pregnancy.
avatar 4I m 16 and my bf is of 23 and we smooched together while my girl was sitting from periods will she get pregnant...?? Plzz... Don't mess with me I want an appropriate answer...!!
avatar 36My boy frnd kissed me nd he is hug me can i could be pregnant??
avatar 9hello am 20, i kissed my boyfriend just yesterday though he wanted something more but i didn't allow him..Have been having serious stomach ache,does it mean i can get pregnant. Note: wasn't naked Thanks.
avatar 36 My bf kiss me everyday can I could be a pregnant?
avatar 27shet things .. I kiss my bf hundred times and I am safe
avatar 29hello am 20, i kissed my boyfriend just yesterday though he wanted something more but i didn't allow him..Have been having serious stomach ache,does it mean i can get pregnant. Note: wasn't naked Thanks.
avatar 25I kissed my bf and feel like m it possible...m so scared
avatar 23I got my first kiss when i was 16 in the bedroom now am on my period will i get pregnant if we kiss
avatar 23I accidentally kissed a guy who was not my bf and now am having a feeling and some signs of pregnancy, can that be possible note I never went naked.
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