Kissing someone in dream meaning

Kissing someone in dream meaning imageKissing in dream meaning differs by someone you know or someone you never know.

Kissing in Dream means deep desire for something or a target you want to accoplish. Most of time it doesn`t means different about your gender, girls or boys can see a kissing in a dream with same way. Important thing is who did you kiss.


Kissing Someone You don`t know

At this point there are two different kiss possible:

1- a Kiss you Like or a good taste about that kiss:

This means ; you will encounter a good future conjecture. You will meet someone new or you will find a new oppportunity. You must be awake and informed for this forecasting. If you meet someone new and someone really  looking good for you, This is your chance to take this opportunity.

2- a Kiss Terrible or kiss with bad Taste:

This means you will hit on a wall, no good feelings about this someone new or some opportunity about your career. At this point never be sad or feel bad, because you will know this situation will come. You would pass this bad feeling with your forecasting symbol of dream you saw.


Kissing Someone You Really know

This situation takes different forecasts about who did you kiss:

1- Kiss from your love: You are a Girl and He is already your friend or lover,  but you never kissed before, this means you will get your first kiss soon. Then you may look our other article about first kiss with your lover. You were know that this day would come. Now prepare for your first kiss and give him opportunity to give kiss. Accept if he want to go out or if he want to make something together.  If You are a boy, kiss in your dream means you will kiss her really, so prepare for it and make invitation for party or  invite her to a cinema (for romantic movie).


2- Kiss from someone closer to you: frustrating or unexpected kiss from someone closer to you, but you never thought to kiss her/him. May be your frind`s friend or your best friend`s sister/brother.

This means you may miss/overlooked something. You never catched the gesture from her/him, but your subconscious personality would grab this signals.  Your brain says; `there are some signals I saw , but you underestimated`. At this point you must listen your brain. Try to see the little signals and gestures next time. You would meet your possible future lover.


You can write your dreams below and we can share our guesses and thought about your dream, if are shy about your dream you don`t need to writer your real name, just use a name you will remember, so you will know who we are talking about. did you see someone you know or did you see someone you don`t know ? .

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Kissing someone in dream meaning Comments

avatar 28I kissed my math teacher in dream, I know you will say: this may possible in every student girl. But I never thought he is handcome or I never looked about that way. He is Just usual teacher... Ok. he may little handsome :) But I don`t want to kiss him, also I never wanted to kiss him on the lips
avatar 10I had a dream where a rich man wife that i am not close to or have mate one on one before called my name in the dream and kissed me mouth to mouth. please i will love to know the meaning
avatar 10l kiss my enemy in my dream but i hate him alot
avatar 9i kiss my girl friend that i want to quit a relationship with,, this occurred twice in my dream
avatar 9my friend girl friend kissed me in a dream and the kiss is so sweet.
avatar 40I dreamed last night I was kissing with this guy I know. I feel so good while we kiss. And now I'm creeping out. I'm still looking what does It mean. Oh my..
avatar 29I had a dream about a boy in my former school (i had a little crush on him:D)what does it mean?
avatar 2I had a dream where I was kissing/French kissing this guy and we both kept getting interrupted by someone going in and out of the room we were in and it felt like I known him but I don't. Can't recall his face but I think he has brown hair?
avatar 2I kissed a guy that i dont talk to often and the kiss was so good that when i woked,i heared his voice and my mind cant seem to forget the kiss,i dont hate the guy him. But i dont like him either,can i know the meaning.
avatar 1I dreamed that l was driving a car,parked and there came a girl l dont know,entered the car and kissed me,it was really interesting.what does it mean
avatar 2I've never had my first kiss in real. But I had it in my dream, with someone fictional, and we both lines each other. I'd felt soo good. What did that indicate?
avatar 1I had dream that boys and girls kissing in bed. It naughty. I enjoy. what this mean?
avatar 17I dreamed of having my first kiss with a stranger. It felt awful, but I did enjoy his company.
avatar 17i got a very forceful kiss from a stranger..he was a foreigner and was so rude to me..and situation was so awful
avatar 30I kissed my step brother in dream last night, but he is bigger than me. I feel confused. Why I saw that kind of dream !!!
avatar 21



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Kissing someone in dream meaningKissing someone in dream meaning

Kissing in dream meaning differs by someone you know or someone you never know.

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