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How to Kiss Better imageGood kiss can increase feelings and passion between you and your boyfriend, A good girl alwas kisses soft and passionately. If you are a boy and want to beb better lover for her, then this article is good for you Romeo.

A great kiss can increase feelings and passion between partners. On the other hand, a bad kiss can ruin everything. Don’t forget that kissing is the main pleasure of a relationship. In this case, you should be ready any time for this magical moment. For all of you, we listed some tips to make you a better kisser. Here they are:

1-Prepare yourself

To be a great kisser, the most important thing is keeping your breathe clean. No one wants to kiss smelly breathe person. Or,dry, uncared lips. In this point, you should brush your teeth regularly for being ready a wonderful kiss any time. Besides, moisten your lips with chapstick can help too. For example, if you are going to a dinner with your lover, try to avoid smelly foods such as cheese ,onions or anything heavy. Also, using gum can freshen your breathe too.

2- Believe in Yourself and set the moment

Don’t forget that self confident is everything in relationships. Being calm and cool can increase your kissing skills pretty much. Because, confident is the sexiest thing for people. If it is your first kiss, don’t worry, try to be cool and see the consequences. After believing yourself, you should prepare the moment. It means you should give the signals to your partner. You can lower your voice while you are talking or lick your lips a bit for giving a message to your lover. It makes your partners ready fort he moment and it increases the passion between you. Besides, touching your sweetheart can also help you to set the kissing moment.


3-Close your eyes and start slow

Now it is time to take an action. While kissing, you may forget to close your eyes, it is normal. But remember that it is kind of seems your are nervous. And you can make your partner nervous with this behaviour. Just keep focus on your lovers lips, try to be relax and show your best performance. Remember, it is magical moment and kissing open eyes probably not a romantic thing. You have another thing to be careful about. You should definitely start slowly. It is better to start kissing with close mouth. Because you don’t want to seem desirous. Besides, gentle moves can increase the romance. It is hotter than a quick start. Also, it is more interesting, you can arouse your girlfriend/boyfriends curiosity.

4- Use your arms and hands

After a slow start, finally you can use your arms and hands. It is probably one of the sexiest gesture of kissing. Be sure that, person who uses his/her hands in best way while kissing, he/she is a great kisser. Standing still may seem rude. Wrapping your arms around your partners waist or gentle touches on his/her back can also help. Besides, touching your partners hair may also increase the tension betweeen you. Remember that, most of the people may be affected by their hair.

kissing where to put hands

5- Open your mouth little and use your tongue

Now, it is time to move next step. It is great time to open your mouth and use your tongue slowly. In this part, try not to be dominant. Remember, no one wants to scare his/her partner while kissing. Kissing should be relaxing moment. In this case, try to gain your sweathearts trust and the sexuality will increase by itself. Of course opening your mouth widely all of a sudden can be seem not so cool. Or jumping directly to French kiss. Again, in this step you should move slow and try to use your tongue gently. Little wetness on lips and little saliva can make everything easier for lovers.

6- Accord your partner avoid knocking your teeth

You are so close to be a great kisser. But, in this case there are few things more that you should consider. Let’s explain, you know that compatibility is everything. So, find a style that your partner can like. In every second, try different things and find out what she/he likes. Being in compliance while kissing can make you perfect kisser. It means, you can understand your lovers reflections and respond them. You know everyone has different kissing style and you should get your partners as soon as possible.

On the other hand, knocking teeth one of the most common thing that happen to partners. It can kill the romance at the time. To avoid this experience try not to open your mouth so wide and try to catch your boy/girls rhythm.

kiss face

7- Everytime kiss different parts of girls/boys body

If you want more sexuality and increase the excitement of your partner we can definitely recommend you to touch other parts of his/her body. It means, you should kiss the other parts of his/her body. Let your lips touch on your partners face, neck or shoulders. We are quite sure that they will love it. Besides, being a great kisser includes everything about make out. So, don’t limit your lips and keep them wet.

8- Don’t lose your passion

Finally, just try to keep your passion with you all the time. Trying to seem excited will definitely increase your lovers desire. Just be relax, focus on your dears body and lips. Stay in that moment, don’t think about other things and don’t ruin that priceless moment with overthinking. Let your heart melt with romance. Now, we are sure that you are ready to be a wonderful kisser.

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avatar 2Hands would be enought, touch him. He will like it. All boys like.
avatar 36I am too shy to tell the boy that I love him. Please give me clue for how to talk that guy I like.
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