First Date Conversation Tips

First Date Conversation Tips imageYou asked your the boy you have a crush on out, or he asked you out, and you are going to have a first date with him. However, you have no idea about what to bring up as conversation with him during your first date.

If you are going to have a first date, perhaps one of the things that makes you worry about it a lot is not knowing what you should talk about with him. It would really be an awkward moment if you both stared at each other not knowing what to say. Also you need to make the proper conversations with him so you can get to know him better. Moreover, maybe he is worrying about not knowing what to talk about as well. Using these first date conversation tricks that guys would enjoy, you can both help him with the conversation and can also guarantee a nice date that ends well with some nice conversation.

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Things Guys Will Love To Talk About

Tip 1. Show Interest

He is a person so like any other person, he will be glad and pleased to know that the person he is having a conversation with does find what he tells interesting. If you interrupt him or change the topic or do not show that you are not enjoying what he is talking about while he is telling something to you, that date will not last so long. Because of that reason; you should show him that you are interested and that you are enjoying his conversation by telling him things like; "Really?", "Then what happened?", "Wow, is this a joke?". He will also realize your interest in these things out of kindness.

ip 2. Say Thank You

Whenever you think he does something kind to you, do not forget to say "Thank you" or "Thanks". If he tells you that he finds you beautiful when he sees you, say thank you. If he brings you a small gift, say thank you. If he pays the bill for the meal, say thank you. If he escorts you to somewhere you need to go, say thank you as well. This will give him the message that you do really appreciate him.

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Tip 3. Out Of Work Time

For most guys, their business life is a small part of their lives and when out of work time, they mostly prefer being busy with other things. So, out of working time, he will surely enjoy talking about things other than his work. You can get a really nice response if you ask about what he likes to do during his free time. You can ask about his hobbies, the activities he enjoys, if he can play and instrument, if he has a pet. Anything about personal interest. However do not exaggerate him and push him too much just to find out everything she likes. This will work well unless the guy you are having a date with is a workaholic whichis the kind of guy you would not like to have a date with.

Tip 4. Ask About His Ideas

Guys do really love it when girls ask their ideas about something specific, especially about something they think they know a lot. For example; if you are considering buying a new camera or a smart phone, you can ask him his ideas about it and ask about which ones to buy. You can also ask his ideas about other things, not just shopping tips. There might be a situation and you can ask him what his idea would be about it. There might be a movie you both watched or he watched alone and you can ask him about his ideas on that movie. However, do avoid asking him his ideas about his previous dates and shopping of girly things like clothes and accessories.

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Things You Should Not Mention To Him

Tip 1. Your Ex-Boyfriend/Boyfriends

Usually girls like bringing up and talking about their ex boyfriends. For whatever reason that is, you should definitely avoid doing that during your new date as this will give him the message "Now i am with you but i am still thinking about the other guy". This is not a message that would leave a good effect on him. Guys do like competing with each other even though they might not be at the same place. However your date is surely not an appropriate time for that.

Tip 2. Your mobile Phone

This is a really bad mistake you would do if you would really fall for it. No matter what, do not ever get busy with your phone during your first date. If you keep playing with your phone or texting other people during your date, the guy you are going out with will not like it all as it would not give him good messages and a good impression about you, at all. If you do that, you can guarantee that your date will not last long and will not end with a good outcome. Moreover, you should also avoid talking on the phone. Try to ignore the phone calls for a bit during your date. Also its more important to close your facebook, twitter or instagram etc. social media notifications.

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Tip 3. Your Shopping Ideas and Experiences

Your and your girl best friend can go to shopping for hours and and talk about shopping, hairstyles, make up, new shoes, pretty skirts and shorts as much as you enjoy. However, the guy you are having a date with is not your girl best friend. Moreover, do not forget that you are with a guy. While it is very unlikely that any guy would know a lot about new make up and hairstyles, bringing topics like these will surely make him bored in no time. Since guys would avoid talking about "manly interests" like cars and sports players with you, you should show the same kindness and try to find something you would both like to talk about.

Tip 4. The Matter of Having A Family

If you do the big mistake of mentioning serious relationships and even marriage and having a family during your very first date, you can be sure that it will freak him out. Most young men surely do not consider having a family and commitment is a really tough and scary thing for them. That does not mean he would never start a serious, long term relationship with you but mentioning these during the first date is really wrong. That will only make him want to run away from you no matter how much you impressed him. Be patient and try to get to know each other better first. 

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avatar 27I dont know what to talk tomorrow. On my first date. Please give me advice !
avatar 9Never peretend, be yourself. That will be anought. also You always be yourself in life. You never regret !
avatar 16I will talk about our family and past
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