Does Kissing Cause Acne

Does Kissing Cause Acne imageDo you have problems with your acnes ? Are you curious about its reasons ? What if kissing causes acnes to grow on your face?

Acnes perhaps one of the biggest problems that young individuals have. They start to grow on our faces after a certain age and while sometimes they are small and seemingly easy to deal with, sometimes they grow into big annoying acnes. There are many creams and stuff that offer us treatment of acne however they never guarantee a fully successful treatment. Perhaps then you need to know what causes your acnes so you can apply the right treatment. And there`s this question that we all are curious about; does kissing cause acnes to grow on your face?


What Is Acne ?

Almost every young invidual faces the problem of acnes growing on their faces, and sometimes on other parts of their body, during the period of puberty. It is not a disorder or something so do not worry as it is very normal and ordinary for a young person to have acnes during their puberty. Acne is one of the most frequently seen problems among young individuals especially teenagers. Of course, everyone would like to have a soft and smooth skin and acne does really affect our appearance in a way that annoys us. Acne is a problem of the skin and it is known that 85 young individuals out of 100 do encounter this problem during certain period in their lives, especially puberty.


Acne seems to be black or white dots that appear on the skin and sometimes they are in form of spots that are full of cyst and bodily oil. Acnes can be found in any size from the small to the really big ones that do hurt to touch. The sebacious glands in our skin (what produces our bodily oil) produces oil and takes it out through very small channels (pores) in our skin. However sometimes these channels get clogged up with too much oil so the glands cannot take the oil and it starts to accumulate in our pores and that causes acnes to grow on our faces.

avoid dirty face


What You Can Do To Avoid Acnes Growing

Tip 1. Wash your face twice gently with soft cleansing soap. Do not forget to change your towel everyday as bacteria grow on wet towels and these bacteria can cause acne. 

Tip 2. Wash your hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face as much as possible for the oil on your hands can cause acne.

Tip 3. Avoid scratching, pulling and/or squeeze your acnes etc. Doing so will leave marks on your face from the acnes even though they get treated.

never squeeze acnes

Tip 4. Wash your hair at least two times in a week and try to keep your hair from touching your face. The oil your hair produces can cause acne.

Tip 5. Be careful of sunburns as skin irritations might cause acne.

Tip 6. Avoid food with too much fat and avoid being in the same place with fatty food being cooked. Too much fat causes acne

dont eat fatty on teenage

Tip 7. If you think some certain food causes acnes to grow on your face, stop consuming them.

Tip 8. Stress can cause acne and make them grow. Stay away from stress. Have yourself some time to relax and/or exercise. If you have too much stress in your life, consult a professional.

Tip 9. See your doctor. Some of the medicine you are using might be the cause of your acnes. Your doctor can also give you advices about how to get rid of acnes and prescribe something for them.


Does Kissing Cause Acne?

Th matter of acnes and kissing is something to be curious about. Does kissing cause acne? Kissing is one way to expression our love and affection to the people we love and we all know it feels so good to kiss. When you kiss, some certain hormones start to run within your body and those hormones do indeed effect your body and so they do have an effect on your acnes. Mostly, those hormones running in our body has positive effects on our body. So, while it is not proved, it is very unlikely that kissing would cause to acnes grow on your face.

does kissing make acne

Quite the opposite, these hormones that start to run in your body when kissing someone might help you slowly treat your acnes growing on your face. And moreover, we are all aware of the fact that kissing takes the stress away and is one of the best things that makes us happy. And since getting rid of stress does help getting rid of acnes, we can say that kissing can help you get rid of acnes.

Kissing surely do not cause acnes to grow and even it might help you get rid of them.


Kissing Might Cause Acne!!

However if your boyfriend is not careful enough with their facial hygiene, it might cause problems on your skin when you contact each other and that might cause acnes to grow up. It is known that guys usually do not use facial washes and stuff like that to keep their skin clean. So their oil contacting you can cause acne. They usually are not aware if their skin is clean and if they have small plimpies and/or acnes anyway. If you doubt that that is the case, gently introduce your partner to facial cleaning products and kindly ask him to keep his face clean in order to avoid acnes.

dirty guy kissing makes acne

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avatar 17I have too much acnes, but I never kissed a girl. And I am just 15 years old. will it be more if I kiss a girl ???
avatar 24this seems femenist af thumbs down bitches
avatar 35can i kiss my gf who has acnes?
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