What Does Kissing Mean In Dream

What Does Kissing Mean In Dream imageKissing is a gesture of love and affection, however what does it mean if we dream about kissing ?

Kissing is the one of the best ways to express our love and affection to the ones we love. However, sometimes we can dream about kissing people and that surprises us and leave us thinking and wondering what it could mean. Here we will explain you the variation of kissing people have experienced before in their dreams and the possible meanings of them.

Meaning of Kissing

First of all, kissing in dream means generally gaining a sense of victory and gaining superiority against enemies. Of course, you will decide who can be the enemy there. It can be any one who is trying to be your rival in something or someone you does not like and annoys you. Kissing a guy or a girl, whom you do not know, in a dream means you have and keep happiness inside. You are happy and content with your life and you have your confidence in yourself even though you might not be aware of it.

Kissing a boy in dream, Dream of Kissing a man !


If you are a girl and dreamed of kissing a guy who is really handsome, it probably means you are looking for love and affection in your life. It might also mean that the days that you would be happy with are approaching and you need to be a bit more patient and hard working in order to gain what you need. If you are a girl and dramed of yourself kissing a guy you know, it means that deep inside you want to start a relationship with that person and you also think he is interested in a relationship with you. Go ahead and ask him out and start your happy relationship.

Kissing a Girl in your dream, Meaning of Kissing a woman !


If you are a guy and dramed of yourself kissing a really beautiful and attractive girl, it means that you are in search of a relationship however you are not yet thinking of getting yourself into a serious and long time relationship. Instead, it means you want to enjoy yourself with some short-term relationships. Maybe you just ended a long time relationship and you need some time to relax. If you are a guy and dreamed of yourself kissing a girl you know, it means that deep inside you desire that girl and you are not sure if she would return your feelings. At this case, we suggest that you be honest with her and go tell her your feelings. Trust us, it is going to end well no matter what her response would be as girls do always like an honest guy who is not afraid to express his emotions.


Dream of Kissing Someone meaning !

If you, girl or guy, just ended a relationship and dreamed of yourself kissing someone attractive you don`t know, it means you are looking for affection and love deep inside. You are hurt because of your last relationship and you are looking for someone`s love and affection in order to recover from your broken heart. However, no matter how you dreamed about it. Usually trying to fill that need of affection right after breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend often do not end well. So we suggest you take a short break from relationships first and clear your mind.


Dreaming of Kissing Psycological Meaning

When psychologically analyzed, dreaming of yourself enjoying a kiss in your dream usually has positive meanings. It shows being content with emotional life and having confidence in yourself. If you have a relationship and dream of kissing your lover, it means you are happy with your relationship and if you do not have a relationship and dream of yourself kissing someone, it means you are confident with yourself and you are attractive enough to find a lover and you are happy with yourself. 

kissing means love

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What Does Kissing Mean In Dream Comments

avatar 2I kissed in dream, but I never met with that boy before. I wonder who was it.
avatar 21I kissed another girl in my dream. It was weird. I wonder what is it means. will I make it in real ?
avatar 39I want to kiss her, but I am too shy. I am ashamed while typing here.
avatar 28I kissed a man. I don't remember his whole face but what I clearly remember was his stubble beard and his red moist lips because I felt him kissing me!
avatar 2I'm a girl and I kissed another girl would this mean something? Because I really liked the kiss and it felt so passionate
avatar 36I dreamt of kissing my bf
avatar 4what does it mean when you dream about kissing someone on the lips ?
avatar 40I know what he looks like but I've never met him before it was like he has seen me before and he knew alot about me but i didnt know him very much but i remember his light blond hair, short hair but pushed to the side, light red lips, perfect smile, and kind but funny, I do not know what this means but i would like to met him. And I hope I do.
avatar 32Hey, I kissed a mysterious girl in a dream, but the dream wasn't just all about the kissing, we were meeting friends and had fun before it. I realy enjoyed this dream tho.
avatar 14I dreamt of kissing like the girl of my dremas she was hott!
avatar 36I had a dream that i kissed a guy that i knew from school. We would always play around and he called me his wife so i just played along. Then i kissed him in a dream? What does this mean?
avatar 9I dream that I kiss my boyfriend but he travels to london and I don't know if I will see him again.
avatar 5I kiss a girl whom i don't know in my dream, i still thinking who could that be and what does it means.
avatar 40i had a dream yesterday that my brother's friend we were at the school bus and he was seating in the front row right in front of me. He was trying to talk to me, but he was babbling something in which i couldn't understand in the dream, then i realize that he was envading my face space and he leaned to kiss me. But of course, this was unexpected, but i just think of him as a friend. i think the reason why i had this dream is because i usually had suspicions of him liking me.
avatar 12I had a dream on March 27, 1993 that my dad died and on April 13th on that same year, he died from the same type of death in my dream. I'm still struck with sadness. My mom died on August 29, 1996. My dad was 95 and my mom was 91. They were married for 71 years. I had feelings for a girl when I was 12-15 years old. I'm 90 and she actually moved to Finland. I never fell in love again.
avatar 12I kissed a girl who is my friend in real life, but when I am no't sleeping I dream about another girl
avatar 25I have a long time friend. I've known her for more than 10 years now. Suddenly, one night, I had a dream we're having a funny conversation when I just felt the urge to kiss her lips. She was shocked at first, then I felt her responding to my kiss. I felt her lips, I've tasted it and then I suddenly woke up. Darn! This one's bothering me that much.
avatar 30I kiss guys in dreams usually once a month and it seems to be a different guy each time and they're always so cute. And I'm always the one who leans in first. Maybe I'm desperate?
avatar 30I dreamt of being in a mall and seeing my anime crush Levi sitting on a couch read a book . I sat next to him and put my arm on his le as he pulled a blush face at me. I don't remember what for but somebody won something and I said "YEAH HOORAY!" And hugged Levi tightly and gave him a big kiss! Levi then pushed me to the ground and continued the kiss , best dream of 2015
avatar 29Idk.. i was dreaming.. i came around the corner of this building... and we flirted i guess... i was caught up in my sensitivity i guess... and we had this beautiful kiss.. and... im a guy? What does it meang
avatar 12I kissed a guy in my dream i have liked for a year but we have never connected it was sooo pasionate what does this mean
avatar 32having a confusion with two dudes and i kissed one of them in my dream. it felt so real abd the dude is sorta like my ex whats that supposed to mean? but i totally liked azin loved it.
avatar 10I was dreaming about French kissing my boyfriend but idk what that means some times I be thinking is it really going to happen?? Does anyone have a dream like this and If u do please help me out what this means??
avatar 32I dreamed kissing a girl who used to be my classmate at school.I really felt her kissing now I can't stop thinking about her,infact she is all over my mind I think I love her
avatar 6In my dream i met a cute girl ,she looks like chinese .whom i don't know, she want me as her boyfried,at that moment i huged her kissed her,my best friend also exists in that dream..when i wake up i feel really sad..i want to saw her again..
avatar 40I had a dream about kissing a girl and i am a girl and in the dream i was a boy.i dont know what this means because i am striaght and i have a boyfriend. But i also kind of wished that i could dream like this every night
avatar 4I went to a dance last night, and a girl i've liked for months broke up with her jerk bf and actually asked ME out. later that night, i had a dream of us making out, but we've never kissed before. any meaning to that one?
avatar 4I dreamt of kissing my friend's wife whom she is my friend as well, it was so passionate and heart burning, i am married as well and my wife is her friend too, i had no previous desires towards her, can anyone help in this? thanks.
avatar 40I kissed the man I love in my dreams, though, we haven't kissed in real life!
avatar 30I work in a nursing home. We have a couple young guys their for rehab. What does it mean when my patient is hugging me alot then one night i had a wild dream that he kissed me out of the blue one day.
avatar 35I wonder what does it mean I dream about kissing a girl, but someone I never met before. Blonde very attractive girl.
avatar 5ive recently met a guy (dont know my feelings for him yet)i had a dream where he kissed me??? What does this mean??
avatar 30i dreamed a guy kissing me
avatar 21I had a dream last night that I was kissing this guy at my job last night. We work at the same store and he's been trying to get with me however, it seem like he's nervous. He's an amazing Hardworking guy. That kiss was everything.
avatar 2I had a dream of a guy kissing me that I really really liked
avatar 30I keep dreaming i kiss like 4 different celebrity's and i keep dreaming the same thing but different places
avatar 34I dreamed of kissing a boyfriend in my dream and got caught by a teacher what does this mean please tell me
avatar 9I had a dream that me an one of my friends kissed mouth too mouth and I enjoyed it but I don't like him in reality what does this mean?
avatar 29I dreamed kissing my girl passionately.. ehat does it means!?
avatar 29I dreamed that I was cleaning a car that was mine in the dream but I dont actually own in real life outside of my workplace.Theres this cute coworker that I like who always says hello and bye to me all the time and we talk alot during work.In the dream,she had just finished her workshift and was going home,she saw and walked up to me and said bye Juan.She opened up her arms for a hug and I hugged her but then she kissed me on my lips and I kissed her back and then we started kissing and I even kissed her on the neck but then she had to go home and said Ill see you Thursday at work.Idk why but I feel confident enough to tell her but IDK if its the right move to do so or not.
avatar 9I had a dream that the guy I liked came up to me and started talking to me and then he was helping my with my grandpas moving and then he kissed me twice. What could this mean?
avatar 40What does it mean When a boy wants to kiss you and you say no when he came closer What does it mean?
avatar 40Wednesday afternoon I fell asleep and dreamt about making out with a guy that I went to school with... He's very attractive and whenever we saw each other he would either stare at me or flirt with me... Any ideas?
avatar 6I had an amazing passionate dream about french kissing this girl whom I know as she was my classmate(and this was the third time I saw her in my dream), though i really really like someone else.What does this dream mean?
avatar 29I dreamed kissing my girl passionately.. ehat does it means!?
avatar 25I dreamed my crush kissing me so passionately on lips. I felt it was real.I evened touched my lips to realize that it was a dream. I also kissed him back in the dream. What does that dream mean???
avatar 40This girl that goes to my school, theres a rumor she has had a crush in me since 6th grade, and the other nighti had a dream we went to this swimming hole with a waterfall and under the waterfall there was a cave, we go into the cave and we start to talk about things and she jut starts to kiss me, then i woke up it felt so real to me what does that mean?
avatar 2I was wondering what it meant when you start going out with a boy you neave have seen before and he goes up to you a kisses you
avatar 10In my dream I kissed one of my best friends (opposite sex) and it was really weird because I love them so much but not in a romantic way yet in the dream I felt so in love.
avatar 15I dream of kissing a guy in my class and when I see him at school i try to keep my distance but the thing is I'm a guy and I'm not gay cause I really like this girl
avatar 16I had a dream when i was walking out of a bar a guy walked out also and put his arms around me and started kissing me he was so handsome but i told him to not kiss me in front of my son who was feet in front of us
avatar 38I dreamt of kissing a boy who is super cute and does not like me while we were kissing he moaned?
avatar 17i had a dreamed that i kissed one of my best friend, it is weird cause i do not have fellings for her except that she is my best friend.
avatar 40In my waking life, in school, I feel like this guy likes me. Though we never talked, I have caught him starring at me. I'm flattered that he likes me, but I don't really have feelings for him. So one day, I dreamed that we were in class and that we were already a couple because I just came up to him and kissed him, and it felt real. I just want to know what this dream means.
avatar 23All these other dreams have a pretty normal setting I've been friends with this girl for a long time now and I had a dream were brushing our teeth together idk why but she finished and she leans in and kisses my cheek and then moves to my lips then I kissed her back and she is like wow what am I doing. I have no idea if I like her or not she is attractive however idk if she likes me back but I got plenty of people that tell me she does.
avatar 17I kissed a known prsn n i knw him vry well but dnt knw wht was d reasn behynd it!!
avatar 32I kiss one of my friend to her chick but I didn't love her in real life. And one more in another dream I tried to kiss my real love but she wouldn't let me kiss her she kind of avoid my kiss.. :-(
avatar 24I kissed a girl I've known for years now in a dream and I don't know what it means and we are really close as friends
avatar 24okay it been a month that I had found somebody attractive and he's in my school. I'd always see him in the morning,lunch, and after school. I had a Dream about him like 3 times...the first one was when he bypass me with his bicycle and I guess he didn't see me /: okay second dream well I don't where was I in my dream but all I know is that I was talking to some girls (that I don't know of) and all of sudden I felt a grab on my waist and a kiss on my neck then I heard him say my name and it where I just got suprised but didn't say or do nothing and it where I started blushing;the girls were smirking at me, all I heard from him was say "mine" okay the final one well I remember in my dreams that I was sitting somewhere near a tree then I got tired that I had layed down and it where out of no where he came and I couldn't see him straight since he was upside down...let's say he kissed me and I kissed him back but the kiss was passionate and I really wanted to deepen the kiss...omg but what got me suprise is that I moaned his name(I don't know if it his real name)...it confusing that I'm having weird dream about him what does it mean ?
avatar 27I'm a girl and I had a dream that I kissed a VERY handsome guy. It felt do real and it felt so right. I hope I meet him, in real life
avatar 18last night I dream of Kissing Mr Josh Hutcherson. He was laying down on the sofa in my house, idk why he was there. But, I usually play with my dream, I think that I want to kiss him since he was there with me and why not? Shamelessly, hahahah, I locked his eyes, I ride on him, but we didnt make out. I kissed him passionately and when his lips are on my lips, it really felt so real and so vivid. I unbutton his shirt, unzipped his throuser, (i thougt i want a real ride) and he said"No way(smirk)" then i kissed him again, and again, and again,.. Overall we kissed 3 times and he let me run my fingers to his delicious body. I still cant believe that I could really make my dream the way i want it to be.
avatar 14I dreamt about being in a relationship with an underage girl, she was way too young for me. But she liked me and kissed me which felt wrong, at the beginning of the dream we were driving in a go kart thingy on the road, racing other people, then we were climbing some sort of artificial bridges, monkey bar type like BS and thats when she kissed me. At the end of the dream, I returned to my home, I didn't even know where she lived until I watched her go over to a neighboring house. I entered the house and it was like her family was waiting for me inside, I met her father who I thought was gonna fight me but he was strangley very calm and was smiling at me. We talked, I asked him how old his daughter was and he said 7. I didn't like hearing that, I felt ashamed of myself and thats when I woke up. What does this mean?
avatar 23Last night I was up late talking to my guy best friend (I'm a girl) and we were talking about this boy in my karate class, because he's asked me out three times now. We were asking a magic 8 ball stuff about relationships, and last night I had a dream that a random guy I didn't know kissed me. I couldn't even see his face to figure out who he was, and the guy that asked me out apparently found out about the kiss and texted me about it.
avatar 23I had a dream of a guy I like, he was walking and talking with my sister, nervously trying to figure out how to tell the girl he likes how he feels. My sister was helping him out until she left and he came up to me (still nervous) then he started telling me that he liked this one girl that was into numbers (lol) and he started pointing at different numbers like 4 and 7 then he pointed at 1+1=2 . But somehow while that was happening I was just staring at his beautiful brown eyes as they turned into a lightish brown somehow and his reddish lips that he kept licking. We were both making eye contact and looking at each other's lips, until the best thing happened ! I got something in my eye and he tried helping me out until her got a gentle hold of my face and we kissed. It was so passionate and so realistic. I can still feel the same feeling I had in that dream, it was so tender and so gentle. It's like we both meant it to each other and like it was meant to be, then he proceeded from my lips to my right cheeck and somehow we gave ourselves to each other, it was weird but heartwarming, it's like our souls collided . But lovely. ❤️
avatar 36I had dreams about a boy I know And he say he love in dream he kiss my lips what dose it mean
avatar 9I have no idea who it was but it was amazing
avatar 30my dream made my room into a classroom and i kissed my best friends crush pulling off duck tape on the wall and then i woke up i started freaking out and I have no idea what it means help me!!
avatar 30i`m a girl.i dreamed my first crush kissing me,but he does n`t like me.before he loves me but i don`t like him before.now i love him,he don`t love me now.i try to forget him and i had revenge with him.now i am free girl.now i am not want revenge with him.but i dreamed yesterday he kissing me.
avatar 40I dreamt about being in a relationship with a famous person (who I REALLY LIKE). The dream timeskips but it covered the first time we met (he noticed me at one of their concert) and how our relationship developed. He confessed to me first and we dated. I kissed him and he kissed me back. I have never been kissed before but the kiss felt so real. Like, how? And I can tell that we were enjoying the kisses, as it happened more than once. It was soft and gentle but he kissed me with a passion. On our 3rd month together, he suggested that we take our relationship further and we started to make out (I HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN KISSED BEFORE). But we didn't get further than kissing deeply when I woke up. What does that dream mean and why did it feel so real?
avatar 19I dreamt he kissed me and I enjoyed it. Then I felt butterflies around my stomach. And yes. I know him
avatar 19I dreamd my 1st crush kising at my school.he like me before but i am not felt now him.now i like him but he not love me.what happened to us.
avatar 2now i have 2 nd crush.he telling to me i like u but i can`t be ur b.f.,i don`t know why!what`s he trying to telling to me.plz help me.i apologize to u...
avatar 7I had a dream the other day about kissing a girl in my car (im a girl and 16) and the kiss got heated. But I don't know this girl.
avatar 29A dream is all yet another reality remember that
avatar 38I dreamt I kissed by my husband
avatar 40In my dream I kissed a guy I knew and have a slight crush on. I liked the feeling of him kissing me and I felt the kiss was very passionate and could have gone further. But in the dream I stopped him from kissing me because I did not want my dad to know. He continued to try and kiss my back but I would let him what could this mean.
avatar 38One of my best (guy) friends had a dream. In the dream he was mad at a girl and then she started kissing someone else. He drove home and I was there and the apparently I kissed him on the lips. Anyone know what all this means? Does it mean he likes me?
avatar 40I dreamed that the person I like is kissing me and when I wake up it felt so real and I could still it until now
avatar 38I had a dream, i was kissing a handsome boy... But i didnt know that boy... Maybe i had this dream because iam seeking for a partner..
avatar 28I saw that I kissed a real boy but I know him
avatar 38I dreamed I kissed this girl on the cheek, I'm attracted to her before and even now that I got to know her more. I would like to tell her my feelings but there is a problem we are 10 years apart and she is my student.
avatar 28I dream about a guy who I use to know and I dream that he wouldn't stop following me around and won't stop hugging me.
avatar 5I had a dream that I made out with someone I shouldn't be kissing. We were on my parents bed... I used to have feelings for her. What does this mean?
avatar 14I had a dream of me being in a play and I kissed a girl and forgot my lines
avatar 25I missed a girl in my dream last night and she is a real person and I don't like her and after that I kissed her my friend kissed her then I woke up so I don't know life
avatar 30i had a dream about a boy i knew but we werent dating in real life but in the dream we were dating and he kissed me. I acted like it was nothing cause it felt normal
avatar 31I had almost kiss my best guy friend in a dream. He brush his lips over mine and said not now then the dream stop. I know he has gf now but he loves me and i love him and so does his gf. Anybody please help me out
avatar 11I saw that i tried to kiss a guy who was a stranger to me!He too tried kissing me but we both couldn't kiss. Everytime we tried ,something happened because of some circumstances. And i really wish to meet that guy in my real life...
avatar 1I had a dream that a girl kissed me on the cheek then I kissed back.then we fell on my bed and started kissing passionately on the lips.I have known her for 4 years now but I see her as a close friend but she likes me.What do I do?
avatar 2I had the strangest dream about my ex-crush. a few weeks ago, i committed myself to never love again, because it was too distracting. But tonight, i had a dream that i was hated by all, except for my ex-crush. I went to his house, and asked him if he hated me too. All of a sudden, I'm inside his house, having a makeout session. I cant stop thinking about what this means. It would be nice if someone could help me, or give me some advice.
avatar 11i dreamt kissing a handsome boy i knew but i didn't know the meaning
avatar 17I've been having a dream about making out with females almost every night for nearly a week now. I'm female too, and I've been pan for several years. But some semi-recent events and now this have led me to think maybe I'm more attracted to girls and guys? Question mark because I know dreams can come from what you were thinking about before sleep or simply thinking about a lot. They've been dying down the last few days so that might just be it. Who knows though, right? The mind works in mysterious ways.
avatar 9I dreamed that i kissed a guy. In my dream, i know this guy but in reality i dont. Then someone caught us. Then i approached an old lady and she said that i should stop what im doing. Then i ran away. I hope someone would help me. I really want to know the meaning of my dream. Thanks
avatar 33I dreamed about kissing someone I don't know, she's blonde and a little bit curly her.. I'm so confused who she is.. I really want to know her.
avatar 30I almost kissed a guy that I don't like and the it went from that to us in the same bed sleeping and him kissing me to wake after that
avatar 11Hi I Had A Dream, I Was Kissing A Strange Boy I Was Enjoying It
avatar 23My ex tell me that she dream about me and her get married...and i always want her to kiss me...so what does it mean...she is in another part of the world...
avatar 11I dreamt about kissing a female friend. we pretend to be dating each other when we chat .. idk but I think im liking her.. i dreamt about as kissing and it felt real ...
avatar 40I've had some weird ass kissing dreams! First one was about 2 or 3 years ago when I kissed my long time crush. I stopped liking him at this point in my life but I did hear before he used to have a crush on me as well so idk. The kiss i actually felt, and it was strange. Like we just stood there with our lips touching. Second one was about a few months ago, I kissed my close friend, but in my dream I felt guilty bc i know he has a girlfriend. His reaction in my dream was a big smile after i kissed him. (He used to like me last year, maybe thats why?) Third one was a few weeks ago, I had a passionate kiss with my father. Funny thing is, i dont like my father. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?
avatar 31i dreamed about kissing a girl,on her lips. although i am in relationship. she is not a total stranger to me,live near my apartment. what does that meant.
avatar 40i dreamt i was in a car with a handsome stranger a bit tipsy though i do not drink at all kissed me on my chest at first i refused him but at the second time i gave in, what does it mean its not the first time i dreamt of it though im not a romantic girl at all and im not in any kind of relationsgip and never have been before...
avatar 39I dreamt of kissing a girl i really but not my GF in my dream what does it mean?
avatar 11I dream kissing a shemale(kinner in India)what thats mean
avatar 40I dreamed of missing a boy in my rehearsal for Fame Jr.R I think his name was Nick. We were in a scavenger hunt for bracelets and necklaces and rings and such. The two of the opposite gender who found the most of each had to put on the jewellery, he in a ceremony and then make out. Then, we were in my bathroom at my home, and we were making out, (as in kissing), and the door was being busted open, when it was almost open I hid behind the shower curtains and I heard the voices of his friends saying stuff like, "Did you kiss her?", "Is she a nice kisser?", and, "You should ask her out!" . The thing is I have a boyfriend, who wasn't the person I kissed in the dream. I am so confused. I doubt Nick likes me at all and I doubt that I like him. Another boy in my rehearsal for Fame Jr. likes me, and I know that for a fact. His name is Bobby. What should I do? Many boys like me who aren't my boyfriend! I am so confused. Help me! What should I do!?!
avatar 29I kissed my close friend like really close ... for instance, she would like to hold my hand in class sometimes and usually she put her arms around my shoulder as we walk around school. God dammnit i dont know if i should confess or not
avatar 11



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