Kissing Games for Parties

Kissing Games for Parties imagePerfect kissing games for girls and boys, You will have good times with your girlfriend. Tips for being good lovers. If it`s party time, lets play kissing games.

If you gonna make a good day with your partner, and you are not sure what games/trick to play with your girlfriend.Here is some funny and sugar games for you and your party members. Maybe it`s time to change your partner maybe its time to burn your love fire again.


1- Kiss the apple Game : Take big apple in your mouth, hold with your teeth, like kissing and apple. Its now her turn to bite the apple. You both not allowed to use hands. Eat the apple with just your mouths. If one try to eat other must hold the apple with mouths. Best kiss game for new couples.

apple for kiss party

2- Cards says so : Cut little papers and write words over all of them: eyes, ears, neck, bellybutton, ankles, hands... Boyfriends and girlfriends can write different words. Never show what written. Then fold the cars so no one can read. Put them in a basket. Then every one must choose a card and she/he must kiss what cards says. Funny part is you can write every part of the body. t depends on your dare or depends on your fantasies. Hairs, fingernail, throat, bush, foot... show what you dream about.

3- A minute of Kiss heaven Game : Use red lipstick on your lips and start to kiss your partner. You have a minute to finish. Then its turn to your girlfriend/boyfriend. After 2 minutes later count the lipstick footprints. Who can kiss more will win the kissing game.
kiss heaven

4- Never Blink: Start to kiss your girlfriend / boyfriend with your eyes open. Partners must keep eyes open. Long kiss with looking your partners eyes. Whoever close eyes or blink will lose the game.
eyes open kissing games

5- Suck then let it go : Find a poker card or something like that. Hold on your mouth with sucking the air around the paper. The pass it to other person. This game can playable as party of people. If other person drops the paper then you will kiss her / him. If two same gender drops the paper this will be weird example for normal guys.
suck blow kiss games

6- Spin the Change Bottle : This is old classic kissing game. Put a bottle in middle of crowd. Who starts spins the bottle and kisses whomever the head of bottle points.
spin the kiss bottle

7- Two Dice Play : Find two big dice and write this words over every side of first dice : (Kiss, lick, touch, suck, smell, blow air) Take other dice and write words of body parts like (Lips, Belly, Ear, Neck, breast,Nose). Then roll the dices and make what comes.
dice kiss nose

8- Blind fold who : Split the group in two even part. One group will use blindfold. then other group lines up on other part of room. Each person of open-eyes people chooses one person and goes to kiss them. Then blindfolded people takes the blindfold off. If kissed people know who is the kisser. Kisser is out. Kissing game continues till there is one kisser left who is the winner

kiss ind the dark who

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Kissing Games for Parties Comments

avatar 28I want to play apple kissing game. Very exciting !
avatar 17"Suck then let it go kiss" looks inviting. I want to try it on next halloween.
avatar 9I was playing spin-bottle game with my boyfriend always with kisses reward
avatar 25



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