How to French Kiss a Boy

How to French Kiss a Boy imageFrench kiss stands for a romantic, passionate, sexual moment that girl and guy kisses each other by using their tongues. Girl never thinks to touch any other boy`s lick but if you really love him this is very perfect moment.

French kiss stands for a romantic, passionate, sexual moment that couples kiss each other by using their tongues. You may see this scene maybe in movies or anywhere else. But, still you may not know how to french kiss. If you want to learn French kiss without embrassing yourself keep reading we are quite sure that this article will help you. First thing  first; Never try to french kiss on first dating or on your first kiss. French kiss must be with a boy you really know. If a guy hates to lick of someone never try it. French kiss means that you really love this boy and you want to taste his tongue, not just lips.

1- Prepare for kiss: Have fresh breath

Before kissing your partner you may want to be sure that you are totally ready for this amazing moment. Having a bad breathe or dry lips may be a reason for you to be rejected. A fresh breathe especially important for passionate French kiss because you will use so much tongue. In this case, for soften lips and freshen breathe you may brush your teeth, drink lots of water or use chapsticks. Besides, licking your lips may help too. So if you don’t miss your biggest moment prepare yourself carefully.

2- Right person and a right place to kiss

No one wants to kiss an ordinary person in an ordinary place. Finding correct place and person can make your moment magical and full of love. For example finding a place away from crowd may be perfect for this romantic moment. Besides, being alone can increase the sexuality between you and your partner. Also, it is important to understand who is the right person. You can clearly understand someones intention from their body languages. If someone keeps touching you and flirting with you, don’t worry you are on the right path. And when you find a right person in a private place, you should be confident and relax. You don’t want to ruin this hot moment with your anxiety.

french kissing boy guy tongue
Do you want to taste that boy`s licking.

3- Make eye contact

Making eye contact is important issue for human relations not only for kissing someone. It is the main body reflex to show someone how important they are. Before french kissing with your partner it is better to gaze deeply your lovers eyes after gazing her/his lips. Looking deeply and full of love into someones eyes gives them confident and make them be relax. In this point make sure that you look into your partners eyes in romantic and sexy way.

4- Start Slowly and use your tongue slowly

If you don’t want to scare your partner from at the beginning you should make it slow. In the first moments of this romantic kiss it is better to control your tongue. For a start, putting your hand to your lovers back and kissing slowly boy`s/girl`s lips can be great. Also, taking things slowly may prevent some accidents. No one wants to hurt a person while french kissing. At first, you should be soft and the passion of a romantic French kiss should come after a while.

5- Close your eyes

After finding right guy and magical place, starting to kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend slowly it is time to close your eyes. Kissing with your partner eyes open is associated with hypocrisy and dishonesty. Even so, it makes you to focus on your lips and the moment easier. So, if you don’t want to ruin your romantic scene just close your eyes during the french kiss. Just taste the boy`s lips.

6- Breate and have a break

If you are kissing deeply with someone it`s normal to forget breathing. And be sure that having difficulty in breathing is not the perfect thing for your romantic moment. In this point, take small breathes and don’t be shy having breaks. It is better for your performance and prevent emberassing yourself. Besides, sharing breathe with your lover can be one of the sexiest moment of your life.
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7- Use your hands

Maybe one of the best thing of kissing someone is touching his/her neck and back of his/her head. It is both romantic and extra hot. Besides, it can calm your partner and improve your performance. Besides, it is not romantic to see someones arms just hanging there without moving. Touching your partners eyes or shoulders makes magical this intimate moment between the boy and girl.

8- Know where you should stop

After an amazing French kiss it is better to know where to stop. A confident person generally keeps it simple and short. Be sure that you will have time to experience it again. In this case, it is better to remember your partner`s situation. No one wants to bother and scare his/her partner. So, keep this magical moment short and make them can’t forget French kiss taste.

9- Make practice

After reading these tips it is important to make practice. If you want to be a wanted kisser you should make enough practices. Be sure that no one is a professional kisser by nature. It takes time to be a Pro. For making practice it is okay to use your hand. It means you can kiss your hand to gain experience and know how to behave while you are kissing. Make practices, develop your skills and be totally ready for this romantic, intimate experience. If you are going to college or middle school maybe its too early for you to try french kiss, french kiss means you and that boy are in serious relationship.
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avatar 30We tried french kissing with my best friend, I will kiss my boy friend tomorrow.
avatar 11On the 16th of december i asked my boyfriend for a kiss coz i knew that i was ready.but the think is that we were drunk so before i kissed him i asked him if he would remember this kiss coz its our first kiss together and he said yes then we kissed.the next day i asked him about the kiss and he said that he still remembers the kiss but he doesnt remember how was it.i want to repeat it and i am scared to repeat it coz i think it might go wrong anyone please help me what ever advise you've got it will help plz
avatar 17When you try to kiss him make sire he isnt drunk maybe then he will rermember the kiss completely.
avatar 16hey im going to a disco next friday and i have to meet my bf but im too nervous ill mess up please help me need advice asap
avatar 36I asked my man if he was ready to kiss and when his said yes I was so nervous but we went through
avatar 37I want to kiss my boyfriend, but I don't know what kiss to do. Should I miss him on the lips, or on the cheek?
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