No Kissing Before Marriage

No Kissing Before Marriage imageis it forbidden to kiss before merriage OR is it`s allowed for just little fun in bible or other religion sources !

Kissing with your partner can be one of the most excited moments of your life. However, according to religions such as Christianity, Jewish or Islam beliefs sexual intimacy before marrige is wrong. Bible or Torah or Quran tell us that lust before your wedding day is a sin. Here is the details about the drawbacks of kissing before marriage.


Sex is Forbidden BUT Kiss is fine

Question is : what kind of kiss is good ?


If you are religious person, it is not weird that choosing not to kiss your partner before marriage. Although love is considered a blessing from god desire is not acceptable. Both Muslims and Christians forbid any sexual activity before marriage with your partner. It is clearly stated in Bible and in Torah. So, if you are religious Muslim, Catholic or Jew who doesn’t want to commit a sin, you should avoid any sexual activity before you are married.


Of course, not every kiss is sin. For example romantic kiss on cheeks or other innocent kisses are not sin. Those are related to love and love is holy in every religious. So, when a kiss become a sin for Christians or Jews ? Let us explain you, if there is a lust and sexual desire in your heart while you are kissing , it is kind of sin. Those feelings can make kissing sinful. In this point, if you don’t want to get involved in these, you should be careful about your activities with your lover. So, in this regard, only dating or kissing without desire is not wrong in Bible or Torah or any other religious book. As you can see, it is all about controlling yourself and keeping away hot feelings from your heart. You can kiss with innocent feelings but you can`t touch forbidden areas. Expecially if have any kiss longer than 5 seconds you can say it`s dangerous kiss.


If you are a girl and you want to stay virgin before your merriage you should obey that rules. Never stay alone with a boy and never sleep at night with him. You can hold hands and you can give little kisses, that`s the limit. Maybe you want to read this article about kiss and pregnancy. That pregnancy means lost of virginity, but kiss never makes girl`s virginity lost. But be careful about where that kissing goes. Will you kiss everywhere or will you just stay on lips.


If you are a boy and you are feeling deep passion after your age over 13, this is normal. Every male human wants to kiss a girl, also every man over 18 wants to take passionate kiss from a woman, this feelings means you are a male. Male species wants to make sexual activity especially at spring. But at age under 13 means that you are a kid and kids never has babies and kids under 18 never allowed to get merried, maybe you can play games with your girlfriend. And delay this marriage feelings after your age 18.


kiss before merriage

In this point, you may ask us should you kiss someone before marriage or not. We have to state that it is totally up to you. Some people can choose not to kiss until they are married because of their religion. On the other hand, some people don’t care about those rules of religions. As we said before, sex, kissing or any sexual approach is forbidden in Catholic ethics, Judaism or Islam rules. As you know all the holy books (Bible, Torah, Quran) follow God’s rules so it is your decision. If you are careful about religious principles, it is better to not kiss anyone with passion. Briefly, do what is right for you.

Finally, we must say, you should respect every decision. And, of course no one has right to judge you. It doesn`t matter if you are Christian or Jew, the decision is yours. No one can push you to do something you don’t want . Of course, if you have religious partner who doesn’t want to kiss you before marriage you have no right to pressure him/her. Don’t forget everybody has their own ways. 

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No Kissing Before Marriage Comments

avatar 26I kissed 5 different girl in my life and I am age 19. Will I burn in hell. I am feling very bad about myself in terms of religion. C`mon I didn`t hurt someone. I never made any of them sad, noone had eye tears beacause of me. But my mom says I will burn in hell.
avatar 1You are not going to burn in hell. What are the 10 commandments? Live by those and you will be fine. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Adultery is intentionally or unintentionally hurting another.
avatar 38most important disadvantages of kissing before marriage is your boyfriend thiks that you are an easy girl. I think easy girls is not acceptable for his mother.
avatar 8My sister tells me story of her kissing her boyfrinde in front of the moon god. She say its ok because they are happy together. I dont want her to burn in hell. Is she gunna be ok? She is only 18
avatar 36I don't think kissing is bad and also I think its bad.I don't really know what to belief?
avatar 20Kissing Before Marriage Is Normal Oh
avatar 38I hope GOD will forgive me for that kiss which i had last month.
avatar 9Your not going to hell, kissing is just suggested as a no-no because it can lead to a more intimate setting. The world had evolved for the old days and kissing is normal. Waiting could be helpful for you, but your soul is not now destined for hell. Just try to live your life doing right by yourself and others. We are born sinful, just repent if you feel that badly about it.
avatar 26



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No Kissing Before MarriageNo Kissing Before Marriage

is it forbidden to kiss before merriage OR is it`s allowed for just little fun in bible or other religion sources !