Do Guys Like Fat or Skinny Girls

Do Guys Like Fat or Skinny Girls imageWe girls are tend to be obsessed with our weight and whether if we are fat or not. We also tend to be jealous of skinny girls thinking guys like them. But do guys really like skinny girls ?

For most of girls, their weight tend to be a problem and most of them are not happy with how they look considering their weight. For girls in general, having more weight than the girls who are considered skinny and/or slim is a big problem and they all think weight makes them look unattractive. We can see models on media, like on tv, in the magazines and on the internet, and they are all skinny and while they are skinny all guys seems to like how they look. So, it seems the modern age has shaped the idea of a perfect girl/woman; skinny with a pretty face. Or maybe even just skinny with or without a pretty face.

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Skinny vs Thick Girls

Yet, is that really true? While girls all have the impression that all guys prefer skinny girls instead of girls with more "natural" weight. We all know being skinny is healthy at all but should they be skinny to look attractive? Is it really true that all guys will prefer a skinny girl? Is there no hope for the girls who would call themselves fat? Professionals has performed a research about this "Whether guys like and prefer skinny girl" and we believe the results that we are going to explain will surprise you as a girl who worries about her weight.

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A Girly Obsession

According to the research, it has been found out that guys do not pay attention to girls` weight as much as girls themselves do which means it is actually the girls who create all these problems and obsessions about weight in their minds. Generally, since it is widely known that being skinny is very unhealthy, the ideal size girls/women generally want to be is "6 or S" (For US) which means the slimmer girls are, the more they like themselves. However, according to this research, guys actually do like a girl/woman with the size of  "12 or L" (US sizes). Yes, that is fact this research has revealed. 

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Guys and Girlfriend Weight

79% percent of girls/women want to lose weight no matter if they look fat, thick or slim. Yet it is not the same for guys. They mostly prefer the girl they are dating to remain with the same weight. While girls and women frequently and repeatedly want to be thinner, some guys say that they would end their relationships if their girlfriends lose too much weight. On the other hand some guys say that they would also end their relationship if their girlfriends put on too much weight. This gives us the most important information about guys and weight here: Guys always want their girlfriends to remain with the same weight.

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Do I Look Fat ?

It is also known that 50% percent of girls/women are jealous of their female friends` bodies and only 29% of them are happy with how they look when they look into the mirror. While 58% of women are positive about having cosmetic/plastic surgery in order to look more beautiful, 41% of them prefers liposuction (Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery in which fat is removed from a specific area in the body) as a way to look more attractive.

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Weight Obsession = Wrong

So, is it true that guys prefer skinny girls and do not like girls who consider themselves fat? According to the research, the answer to that is a big no. If you have guys around you who already likes you, you should stop worrying about your weight as guys obviously prefers girls to remain in the same weight; the way they like them. If you think you are fat, unless you have a fat problem that affects your health in a bad way, you should also stop worrying about your weight as well as it is revealed that guys do not usually prefer skinny girls at all.

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Do Guys Like Fat or Skinny Girls Comments

avatar 31I like fat girls, I dont know why. But I rally love big round girls.
avatar 31I like fatty girls. I always want to hug. You may judge me about it , but I like soft skins. I don't like a girl like skeleton.
avatar 30You shouldn't like a girl because there skinny you should like a girl for who they are and there beauty on the inside even if they might be over wieght, the bottom line is love your body for what it is and don't let anyone tell you other wise. Maybe it would be good to get on a helthy way of eating and get so exercise in your daily routing
avatar 10Hey...sadly I'm a fat girl ..I don't have any crush and i truly believe that love is strictly based on the heart and behavior..
avatar 9i'm a fat girl too and boys still like me
avatar 7im short and thin, im 4'11 and am not to sure guys like short thin girls...
avatar 11



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