How To Have Your First Kiss

How To Have Your First Kiss imageFirst kisses are perhaps the most important moments for your romantic relationship. Getting a first kiss right is essential for your love life. So, you need to know how to do it right.

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The first kiss you would be sharing with your partner is the most important step to take into being intimate with him/her and moreover, it is one step that determines if your relationship is going to last or not. Yes, it is that important. Mostly because of that, people tend to be very anxious about their first kiss and if they would be able to give a good one to their partner. Some try to practice it themselves however none of those "practicing yourself" moments are any close to the real first kiss experience.

Importance Of A Good Kiss

Accoring to researches; most men and women do not consider keeping their relationship if their partners end up to be a bad kisser. The thing is that actually no one is a bad kisser; there is just being experienced and inexperienced or being knowledgeable and ready and not having an idea. You might not have had any opportunity to be experienced before and if it is about a first kiss, no one is actually experienced at all. So, if you want it to be a good experience, you need to be at least knowledgeable and ready for your first kiss.

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Fresh Breath

So, how to be ready for your first kiss? First of all; you need a breath that is suitable for proper kissing. This means you need to deal with bad breath problems first if you have any. If you have bad breath, mint gums and such things mostly do the trick yet a scentless breath is always the best for a kiss. Having mint in your mouth gives your partner the impression that you have something that you need to cover. We suppose we do not have to tell you the possible effects of having a bad breath during a kiss. There are a few things you can do to avoid having bad breath and to have a scentless breath.

First of all; you will need to stay away from some certain food and drink which leaves intense taste and smell in your mouth after consuming. The examples to such food and drink are coffee, onions, milk, garlic and most spices. Try consuming tea, especially green tea before attempting a kiss. Green tea kills the germs in your mouth and helps maintaining a nice breath and mouth health. If you are smoking, do not attempt your kiss after you have smoked. At least clean and rinse your mouth a bit with some water. Also brushing your teeth will work yet try not to use a tooth paste with a too intense mint flavor.

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Take It Easy

The next thing you need to do is to relax and take it easy. Being tense and nervous about your kiss is not going to help you. Also, your partner might be tense and nervous about it too, so you need to relax yourself and also help him/her relax. If you can be relaxed enough and collect enough confidence, you will be one big step closer to experiencing a great first kiss moment. Guys tend to consider a first kiss like jumping into cool water after a long hot day and for them it is an activity to ensure more intimate moments in the future. However, girls tend to consider it as a means of communication and it is, for them, how you express your emotions about your partner.

For Boys: First kiss means...

If you are a guy you need to keep a few things in your mind while kissing your partner. First of all, you should never hurry it. We know you will feel more confident about it once the first step to kissing is taken and your lips meet each other. However, hurrying to take the next step, like using your tongue immediately, usually will not have a good effect on your partner. Your partner might feel like she is being suffocated with too much all in a sudden. Keep your first kiss gentle and sensual, do not hurry on taking your step into the next level of intimacy. Just focus on her lips, place your kiss and do not forgot to breathe and look into her eyes during the breaks you take between kisses.

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For Girls: First kiss is...

If you are a girl, we have some suggestions for you too. Before a first kiss, your partner is most likely to be more nervous about the moment of the kiss than you are as guys tend to think all the responsbility of making it a good and pleasurable experience is their burden. What you need to do at that point is to relax your partner by signaling him that you are ready to be kissed. Keep eye contact with him, look at his lips and stay very close to him. He will be encouraged and if he relaxes, you will be one step closer to enjoying a great first kiss.

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Take The Action

Once you followed the steps to get prepared and do believe and are confident that you are ready. It is time to take the action. Do always keep in mind that having a kiss is nothing to be planned. You can never know when it would happen. The interaction and emotional situation between you will determine the right time and do believe it, you will really feel it when it is the right time. And what about when it is the right time? Keep your confidence and kiss your partner yet there are a few things you need to be careful about while doing so. Tilt your head to the side slightly so during the short attempt of getting your lips close to each other your noses would not bump. Always prefer to tilt your head to the right side first, especially if you are a guy, as this will gave your partner the message that "I care about you". If your partner tilts his/her head before you can, then tilt your head to the opposide side he/she does.

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The Eyes Matter

Another important point you need to keep in your mind is that closing your eyes. Do close your eyes while kissing your partner because not doing so will cause your partner to consider you an insincere person whom he/she would not be sure if he/she should trust. Also while kissing, cover your partner`s upper or lower lips with your lips and focus on the spot. This is always a great way for beginnings and your partner is going to love it. While kissing, always keep your ears open for the voices your partner might make. If you hear a sign or a moan, it means you are on the right track and actually you can get the next step after hearing those. If you can feel or sense no clue that tells you can get to the next step, just kiss your partner with your lips without using your tongue.

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Happy Ending

Here`s the order of acts you need to follow during a kiss depending on your partner`s reaction. First, kiss with a closed mouth using only your lips. If your partner seems to be enjoying, the next step is advancing your kiss to a lips to lips one with an open mouth. If you are still getting good signals, then you can slowly (but very slowly) start to use your tongue. However, we do not usually suggest starting to use your tongue during a first kiss. You should not hurry about doing that as if your partner enjoys your first kiss then he/she would surely want a second, and you can take the action further. If you will do kiss on first date, you should look to our another article.

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