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How To Make Him Want You imageMostly guys like to chase and girls like to be chased. If you want to make him want you and chase you, follow these tips...

You have your eyes for a guy and you want him to want you as well. You do not want to look like you are interested in too much and like you are chasing him, we suggest you do not do that, as it will never impress a guy. You will only end up with inflating his ego and that will not end in your favor. Yes, we girls do love confident guys and find them attractive however it does mean we would be attracted to an arrogant self-admirer. This article aims to help you get his attention and make him want and chase you without making it too obvious that you want him so badly so it is completely safe and you will not need to worry about him thinking you are chasing him.

Stop And Take A Break

This is a tip that you can make use of in every period in your relationship, new or old. It will almost always work and turns things in your favor. If you want to add some motion in your relationship and want to make it more exciting, all you need to do is to stop and take a break from being too interested in him. Stop showing obvious interest and look like you are being busy with your own life. This will surprise your guy but it will also impress him as a girl who has a life and does not think a boyfriend is all her life seems more attractive to guys than those who are always into guys and are being clingy. It might take some time, do not be worried. If he is still into a relationship with you, sooner or later he will start to chase you and look for your attention.


Step Back

Sometimes it is not enough to just stop and take a break. Sometimes, you need to step back and put some distance between you and him. At first, that might sound like a risky thing and you might feel like you might lose him. Do not worry, though, if he is really into you, he will not stop chasing you. Putting some distance between you and him means giving him some opportunity and time to miss you and not being the one who always starts the communication between you and him. Such as; do not always be the one who calls or messages him first. This does not mean you should stop talking to him completely.



Flirting is an effective and fun way to get the attention of the guy you like. It you have newly met him, flirt him with small and easy steps yet do not go with big and too obvious steps at the first time. Show him you are interested and you find him attractive with small signs like giving him small compliments here and there, sweet smiles and looking into his eyes. You can flirt either before or after the taking a break and stepping back periods. However it is mostly more useful when you flirt for a while, attract his attention then step back to see if he would come after you asking for more. If he is interested, surely he will ask for more.


Don`t Be Needy

Generally guys does not like girls who are needy. Continuously demanding things from him; like his presence, his attention, being clingy and things like that, will not make him find you attractive. Quite the opposite, they will push him away from you. Moreover nagging and complaining about things will seem very suffocative and boring for him so you would never be the girl he wants. Show him you are not needy and you are pretty much capable of satisfying yourself in your own life and having a boyfriend is not everything you need in a life.


Be Confident

Girls who are confident always get guys` attention. Some guys find girls who are confident and have high self-esteem really irresistible. Know yourself and start to love yourself. However, that does not mean you have to act arrogant or like a know-it-all. While loving yourself, do not disdain other people comparing yourself to them, especially not your guy. Also talking about other girls in a negative way to your guy will also make you look very unattractive. Show your confidence by believing in yourself, not by disdaining or criticizing others. 


Play The Difficult Girl

This is an old trick and still one of the tricks that work the best. Do never be the easy girl and don not give yourself too him easily. Otherwise, he will think he has enjoyed a lot and will quickly get bored of you. Let him chase you and make him find having you as a challenging task. Do not answer the phone everytime he calls, keep him waiting a bit while you are going out. Do not say yes to his every offer. Have your principles and do not change them. Of course, do never exeggerate while doing these. There`s always a certain safe limit to everything. Play the hard girl yet neither the impossible nor the too easy girl.


Get Busy

This is a tip you need to be really careful while following, just like playing the difficult girl. You need to seem busy to him yet on the other hand you should not be too busy. If you are busy and sociable, he will see that you have your own full life and this will look him very attractive. Yet if you appear to be too busy all the time, he will get tired of chasing an opportunity to get to know you. So, be busy yet do not be too busy to make him run away from you. 

Don`t get captured on first date.

You may decided to kiss on first date, but never forget that who comes easy that goes easy. Never left your control on first date. You are a self confident and smart girl. He may important for you but he is not everything. Especially on first date. He must be do best to get you.

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