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What Girls Want imageDo you find girls/women confusing? Do you need to know what they want and do you want to understand them? Read this article and get to know women.

You are having a difficult time understanding Girls/Women as it looks like her one minute does not match the other. It is hard to understand what she does and says. It even more challenging to understand the way she behaves. Sometimes they get mad and you do not understand even why. If you are having these problems, keep reading as we will give you the tips to understand girls and figure out what they actually want and/or mean.


1. Bestfriend; She becomes her most hated enemy in a short time then becomes her best friend again in another short time.

girls talking gossip

Girls are very sensitive about hormonal changes and that affects their emotions a lot. Moreover, girls do have much more intense emotions than guys and they tend to express their emotions by talking quite unlike guys. So, they talk more than guys do and this eventually can lead to misunderstandings. When two girls disagree, they will do it intensely as well since their emotions are intense. However, when a disagreement or fight happen between two girls, they also tend to look for the reason why so they would talk about and solve the problem between each other.

What You Should Do: When she fights with her best friend, she will most likely come to you and express her hatred about her. Avoid commenting about her best friend and try to make her feel better instead by taking her attention elsewhere.

2. Clothing; She becomes really sad when she wears something that makes her look fat and becomes very happy when she wears something that makes her look thinner

woman looking to mirror

Girls always do enjoy looking good and their best. When they look good they become happy and when they are happy they look good. This is a balance that remains inside them. A girl wants to be attractive to her boyfriend and more importantly; she must look prettier than the other girls around. Even though none of them would admit it, there`s always a rivalry between girls about who is looking more beautiful and attractive. Do not be surprised if she goes crazy over not looking good in a certain dress.

What You Should Do: Try not to comment on the things that she says looks bad on her. And also do not tell her that you always find her attractive no matter what. She will not buy it. Instead; tell her that you find her attractive in that dress and while you found her attractive what others think does not matter.


3. Shopping; She keeps on buying things that looks the same

shopping girl

As they are more concerned about their looks, girls are able to catch very small details and if one dress has a really small extra dot on it or it is of another color, it is surely not the same with the other you claim it to be same. Small details are important and girls do catch them well and see them important. Moreover; this is not a behavior that is particular to women. Check your wardrobe and see if you have t-shirts of the same or different color.

What You Should Do: Patience is required during shopping. Do not tell them you think what they are buying is the same with the previous one. If they ask your idea; just comment about the dress like you do comment on a completely different dress. If you are too bored during the shopping; explain your girlfriend why you do not enjoy it and that it does not mean you are not interested.


4. Making You Wait; It takes a lot time for her even to wear a simple dress and to get ready to go out.

alone man

Consider it this way; to get ready to go out, a guy simply washes his face, brushes his teeth, wears a shirt and pants and he is ready quickly. But to get ready girls do much more things. They need to brush and fix their hair, they need to choose clothes that look perfect when combined, they need to do their make up, then they need to find accessories and shoes that look perfect with their clothes...Again it is all about looking pretty.

What You Should Do: You need patience again and do not complain about waiting as everyone knows that a guy also would not like his girlfriend look less attractive and look like someone who does not look after herself. While waiting for her, you can find something to do to pass the time.


5. Her Comfort; She wears things that makes her feel uncomfortable but she likes them and still wears them.

women shoe trying

Your girlfriend wears a pair of high heels that make her feel really uncomfortable and she complains all night how her feet hurt. Still, you see her wearing them again after sometime, perhaps even the next evening. Especially if they are going out with you, the need to look good that girls have (as we explained before) peaks and they do wear things that make them look uncomfortable because they make them look sexy. High heels always make a woman look sexy and they know guys also like it. So, most girls will prefer looking good to feeling comfortable.

What You Should Do:There`s nothing much you can do about this. She will keep wearing them. Just let her enjoy it.


6. Hunger; If she is hungry, she needs to eat right away

women looks sad

Sometimes girls tend to spend much more time to doing things for the ones they like, they tend to forget about themselves. Sometimes they focus on their duties and responsibilities, that can be their job or school, so much that they pass the lunctime in order to complete and manage things. And sometimes, they just wait even though they are hungry because they want to have a meal with you.

What You Should Do: Do never look annoyed about it. Keep it in mind that when a girls says "I am hungry", it means "I want to eat now". Take her to a place you can eat and enjoy the meal with her.


7. "Good" is NOT a good answer, it should be "Perfect"

women fit girl

We already have told you a few times that girl want to and love to look good. This one is again about looking good. However, the world "Good" is never enough for a girl to hear about herself. She asks you how her dress looks you answer "Looks good" and that makes her mad and you cannot understand why. This is simply because the simply answer of "Good" makes her feel like you are not interested at all and/or do not appreciate enough how she looks.

What You Should Do: Do answer questions like those with a "Perfect" and if you can comment more about how she looks perfect. This will make her feel great and she will admire you.

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