Kissing Tricks That Takes Breath Away

Kissing Tricks That Takes Breath Away imageYou love to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend however you want to know about and try more exciting kissing tecniques that will stun him/her? Try these.

Trick 1. Sexy Breath Kiss

First slowly and gently touch his/her lips with your lips then scoot really close to him/her with your head tilted to one side. Wet his/her lips slowly with your lips and a small touch of your tongue. Then completely wet them with your tongue keeping the move gentle and slow. Then blow some on his/her lips. This will have a really exciting effect on him/her. And if you rub your lips against his/hers very slowly, your partner will be very excited and pleased.

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Trick 2. Vacuum Kiss

This brave move will show your loved one who is the boss! With your index finger, slowly trail around his/her lips starting from his/her upper lip and moving your finger to his/her lower lip. When you are down touching his/her lower lip, gently grab his/her lower lip with your index finger and thumb and squeeze a tiny bit (This should be a gentle move. Do not squeeze too much and hurt him/her). Then slowly and gently pull his/her head close to yourself and then grab the lower lip you are holding between your index finger and thumb with your own lips. The touch of your fingers is tougher than the touch of your lips and that toughness combined with your soft lips later will take your girlfriend/boyfriend`s mind off.

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Trick 3. Synchronized Breath Kiss

This move will take his/her breath away. Meet your lover`s lips with your own and take a deep breath. Keep the move slowly so the breath exchanging between you and your lover would not be too harsh and take all the breath from his/her lungs. You will need his/her participation for this kissing style so it would be nice if you explain him/her what you want to do first. Slowly, breathe the air in his/her mouth then breathe out and give your breath to him/her and it is his/her turn to breathe in your breath. If you are well synchronized enough, this will be an amazing experience for both of you.

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Trick 4. Vamp Kiss

Girls, guys are going to love this kiss so read very carefully. Lean down towards your boyfriend`s neck and slowly bite the skin there for a moment before letting it go. Do not forget the fact that 80% of guys/men do enjoy a bit of pain during intimate times with their ladies. As the intimacy goes on, you can bite a bit harder and give it slightly more pain. When stimulated, your body produces endorphine and this hormone keeps you from feeling too much pain.

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Trick 5. Powerful Kiss

This tecnique of kissing is going to feel great for both of you and your lover. You will see that it is really stimulating. Tilt your head backwards a bit then grab your lover`s upper lip with your own lips. The move your head and ask him/her to do the same thing for your lower lip. First gently, then passionately and then slowly again. The change of pace and intensity with excite your lover a lot. When your head tilted to one side, tilt your head to the other side and exchange your lower lips and upper lips.

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Trick 6. Ice Cream Dream Kiss

After a romantic dinner, offer your lover some sweet coffee and ice cream. Warm your mouth with some coffee and gave him/her the surprise of a warm kiss. After warming your lover`s mouth, take a spoon of ice cream into your mouth and this time cool his/her mouth with your icy tongue. The change of heat will stimulate him/her and will give him/her an amazing and exciting feeling of pleasure.

Trick 7. Electric Kiss

This is again for girls. Girls try this kissing tecnique as well if you want your boyfriend go crazy. The trick with this kiss is murmuring while touching and/or stroking his neck. Touch his neck with your fingers and lips in exchange and make small voices of pleasure. Hearing your voices of pleasure and the vibration and pulse that your breath and voice will make on his skin will make him crazy. Put your mouth where his chin starts and make your voices of pleasure while touching his neck. It will have an amazing effect on him and you will be rewarded with more intimacy from him.

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Trick 8. Sweet Pushing Kiss

This is a very simple tecnique yet it will create a feeling that will make your lover`s mind blow. Especially if you are guy, your girlfriend is going to love this however girls can perform this kissing tecnique too as it works on guys perfectly as well. Touch his/her lips with your lips closed. Then slowly take your tongue out between your lips without opening your mouth much and dart your tongue between his with a pushing move. Then take your tongue a tiny bit back and repeat the move. It really is a hot thing to experience.


Exciting Kisses Make Your Relationship Better

Kissing tricks smight be frequenly performed between couples as a way of expression love and affection. Yet just because it is frequently done and the most common way to express love and affection, do not think it is less important than any activity of intimacy and affection you would share with your boy or girlfriend. Quite the opposite, we can say that it is most important way of exchanging emotionss and ensuring intimacy in one`s relationships. Kissing is also frequently the beginning of more intimate activities between couples. You give and receive a hot kiss that excite you and the rest seem to be happening itself !

Since passionate kissing is so important for all relationships, we know that you would never want it to turn into a boring activity. As it seems it would never be and feel boring to kiss your loved one, if you keep on kissing with just one style without adding it some color and excitement of new aspects and keep it too frequently that way, it would end up ike you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend do not enjoy kissing as much as she/he used to. You might also be bored of it too. So, here in this article, we will list you some kissing tecniques that will take your girlfriend/boyfriend`s breath away with excitement. Kissing will never be the same again and with these tricks, perhaps will be the most exciting experience you share with your lover.

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Kissing Tricks That Takes Breath Away Comments

avatar 6if you have passion, every kiss would be perfect !
avatar 28Put your hand inside his sweat while kissing. He will gone crazy, bealieve me.
avatar 28Passionate kissing is the best for those intense makeout sessions with your loved one.
avatar 6Always stay closer to her face and neck, but dont kiss quickly. Make her sweat and feel the moment.
avatar 4



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