Tips on Kissing with Braces

Tips on Kissing with Braces imageBraces is very important dental items especially on college ages. What to make when to kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend while braces on.

You are with your attractive boyfriend or girlfriend and you can feel it in your veins that the moment is slowly approaching; you want to kiss him/her. However you or your partner have braces and you don`t know if that would somehow ruin this very important moment during which you can share emotions that words cannot describe. The possibity that the braces would somehow be a problem is stressing you. Would it hurt you or your partner? Would your partner dislike the kiss ? Fret not, we have all the answers for your questions and we will explain you how it is nothing to really worry about kissing with braces.

First of all, having braces does not mean you cannot kiss and/or cannot experience such a romantic and intense moment. You can enjoy a kiss as much as those who do not have braces, you just need to be careful about a few things. These tips are not rules to kissing with braces so do not feel like it would be a displeasing experience with your partner if you do not follow them carefully. They are just to be safe and make sure you enjoy the kiss most.

1. Wait For About A Month

If you or your partner has just gotten the braces and it is new yet, we suggest you wait for about a month as during this period of time your mouth or your partner`s mouth will be very touchy and sensitive. You will already be feeling the press it makes it in your mouth and it sometimes leads to headaches and some people cannot even eat and just consume liquid food for during this period the teeth are very sensitive and tend to ache under the pressure. So before you kiss, we suggest you should wait for yourself and your partner to get used to the braces.

2. Be Gentle

While kissing with braces, we suggest that you be gentle. If you press too much on the lips, the braces might hurt your or your partner`s mouth. Pain during a kiss would ruin the intense and romantic meaning of the moment. Moreover gentle kisses are always the most intimate ones and they really are great way to express your emotions to your partner.

3. Be Careful With Your Tongue

Having braces does not mean you cannot use your tongue during a kiss. However, you need to be really careful as braces are hard and they can be sharp to your lips and tongue. So, like we say with the second rule, the key to this is being gentle. Do believe and try and see yourself, such gentle kisses are much more exciting.

4. Using Dental Wax

You can use dental wax or ask your partner to use dantal wax. This will help a lot as dental wax covers the sharp point on the braces, protecting the person with the braces being somehow hurt. Not only for kissing, but also dental wax will make the person with braces feel generally more comfortable.

5. Be Supportive

Some people with braces tend to be sensitive and stressed about being close to other and in geneal social situations. They might think the braces makes them look less attractive or any other thought that bothers them about having braces and thinking kissing would be a fail is one of the most common one of these problems. Be supportive of your partner and make him/her know that you still find him/her desirable no matter what. Braces do not change anything about that and they will not be with you/them forever. Braces are just medical help and they are nothing to determine if you are attractive or not. Enjoy your kisses and share the emotions.

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avatar 38I kissed a boy with braces when I am younger. at college. That was no good, no bad either.
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